Security Guards - Frequently Asked Questions

How are our security guards screened?

New York State Security Guards must be 21 years of age, with a high school diploma or GED and be legally permitted to work in the US. Security Guard applicants must come to their interview with a local police clearance and are then fingerprinted for State Police and FBI criminal background checks. Other client dictated options are available for pre-hire screening,and may affect hourly rates.

Are the security guards drug tested?

Drug testing is client driven and varies per work site. Upon request of client, we use Concentra clinics for a 6-panel drug test. We also participate in the MUST drug testing through Safe2work, when required. Drug testing costs 25.00 per person and will affect hourly rates.

What kind of security guard uniform are available?

Security officers can be outfitted in the standard military/police officer uniform or in a softer looking blazer and tie uniform. Uniforms are determined by site duties and client preference and do not affect the hourly rate. Other security uniform arrangements can be made, and may affect the hourly rates.

Are your security guards unionized?

Both union and non-union security guards are available, as dictated by the client. Union security guards get more standard holidays and are paid 2x regular rates for holidays worked.

What kind of training is offered for your security guards?

Security officers attend a standard orientation first and then proceed to site specific in house training per the certification level of officer ordered by the client. Security officers then go to the client site for on-site job specific training. Other training options include CPR/ First Aid, AED and other programs per client needs. Additional training topics may affect hourly rates.

How does your security handle confrontation and or physical aggression? Will they apprehend or restrain?

Our security guards purpose is to Observe, Report and Assist. Our security officers are trained to never put their hands on another person except in cases of personal safety (to defend themselves) or life threat to a client (assist in life saving actions). We do not have powers of arrest and will not engage in the active pursuit of an aggressor, except for the purpose of observing and reporting to the police.

Why are our security guard services are better than others?

First-Rate Security,Inc. has 20+ years of experience in the security industry. Our security officers are carefully screened and trained to prepare them for the task of protecting our client's property and safety. Comprehensive On site post orders are prepared to aid them in good decision making. A superior management system and proactive systems help us monitor and develop superior security officers.

Does First-Rate Security, Inc. have a fidelity bond and umbrella policy?

First-Rate Security, Inc. has limits of 5 million per occurrence, 5 million dollars aggregate and 5 million dollars excess liability at a minimum. Furthermore, additional insurance premiums are available.

Are there any fees associated with an assessment of my security situation?

No. First-Rate Security, Inc. will provide a free, thorough survey of your security situation, and will provide you with a detailed explanation of all your available options and how First-Rate Security, Inc. can provide the best Security Services that meets your specific requirements and your budget.

Is First-Rate Security, Inc. licensed?

Yes. First-Rate Security is a NYS licensed security guard services company.

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