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First-Rate Security is the best and most affordable evening chaperone company in New York that focuses on the unique requirements of educational and student tours. We provide the most professional and competent evening chaperone dedicated to your safey and proection for all overnight assignments. Our management team fully understands the evening chaperone services needed to deal with students and the dedication required to maintain those sevices for the protection of your youth..

First-Rate Security provides you with the exact evening chaperone services you expect and nothing less. Our committed and professional team of experienced managers constantly monitor site operations from the field with a hands on approach unmatched in the student tour industry . We will provide a staff to monitor and oversee tour groups while the students safely enjoy their stay at their lodging facilities. Most hotels and motels allow guests to conduct their behavior in any manner they choose, and then bill them the liability after the damage is done. Our company is here to protect your liability, your tours and the future of our youth. We will monitor your tour group's movement and protect both your company and groups from outside elements that may cause irreparable damage and unfortunate costly incidents.

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Why Choose First-Rate Security?

First-Rate Security is the only evening chaperone company that focuses on the special needs of educational and student tours. We provide professional agents for all overnight assignments. Our agents are mature, competent and dedicated to deal with the unique requirements of the student tour Industry.

  1. Our evening chaperone services have designed for the student tour industry
  2. Our agents have a no tolerence policy regarding students exiting their rooms during curfew!
  3. A "lights out" policy is implemented for every group
  4. We don't disturb your group leaders during the evening hours for minor issues
  5. Nightly reports are provided to group leader prior to the agent's departure
  6. A $3 million insurance policy has been obtained to you with piece of mind surrounding our services.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What separates our evening chaperones/security guards from our competitor's evening chaperones?

Being an evening chaperone is NOT enough for us. Our state of the art evening chaperone services are one of a kind in the student travel industry. Our night chaperones are certified New York State licensed security guards and fireguards which allows us to provide you with an extra level of security and protection for you and your loved one. After having extensively researching the student travel indsustry and working for one of top companies in evening chaperoning, we have discovered that we could absolutely provide better value for less money in New York.

Q: What times are you available to chaperone?

The most common hours of coverage for travel students are between the hours of 10:00PM to 5:00AM and 11:00PM to 6:00AM. Our hours of coverage can be adjusted at your request to provide you with maximum coverage and protection.

Q: What cities are you available in?

First-Rate Security is a New York based company and this uniquely qualifies First-Rate security's night chaperone services ability to provide protection to traveling groups in the New York metropolitan area.

Q: Is there a group size limit, how many people?

There is no minimum group size required to reserve our services.

Q: Is First-Rate Security Insured?

First-Rate Security takes great pride in being the absolute best student evening chaperone company in the United States and also for providing a $3 Million insurance policy to oversee traveling students.

Q: How do I reserve First-Rate Security for my group?

Our reservation page allows schools, hotels and student tour companies to reserve our service 24/7 anywhere in the New York metropolitan area. Each group is assigned a unique confirmation number with all the complete contact information of the Manager for the area the groups will be touring and provided to the tour director of each group.

Q: What are the rates to hire a First-Rate Security Agent?

Our rates are designed to provide the best value and best night chaperone for each contract entered into by us. A First-Rate Security representative can explain and provide you with the absolute best rate in the student travel industry in New York to fit your group(s) coverage needs.

Q: Do you outsource First-Rate Security services to 3rd parties?

We do not and will never outsource our evening chaperone services to a 3rd party. This sets up completely apart from our competitors who hire 3rd parties to supplement their staffing needs without regard to the backgound, training or experience of the security guards provided to them. We at First-Rate Security promise that all of our professionally trained and screened night chaperones are employees of First-Rate Security and this comes with a 100% money back guarantee.